Monthly Archives: May 2009

Surprised by Culture

From Andy Crouch’s Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling… “Once we are awake and thankful our most important cultural contribution will very likely come from doing whatever keeps us precisely in the center of delight and surprise.”

Awesome! I need to be awake and thankful more often. Delight and surprise. Can you think of a better way to experience the world, or a better way to create culture? I can’t. And Andy suggests that if we’re uber-serious and directed and too self-absorbed to be thankful, then we won’t create anything of cultural value.

On a similar note, the wonderful laptop from which I designed reCreate was stolen… my car window got bashed. Thankfully my solid renter’s insurance policy covers the computer w/out requiring me to pay the deductible. Unfortunately the majority of my Fellows experience (at least the digital form of it from class notes to pictures, etc.) was on that machine. Somebody just learned their first backup lesson. So, time to get creative again. I’ve got some ground to make up. Spring is still upon us. There is much to be explored outside. Check back soon for more finding.