Monthly Archives: November 2009

Thanksgiving Recreation

As I mentioned in one of my earlier ‘Recreate’ newsletter’s, recreation takes on far more different forms than simply sport or leisure. On thanksgiving, recreation may mean to breathe new life into old family relationships. Or it may mean the NFL taking a new direction with their halftime show performance. (Remember the Janet Jackson debacle?) So, in the interests of sharing my Thanksgiving recreation experiences, here we go.

Today the NFL chose to do something very different with their Turkey Day halftime show. Now, I know that the SuperBowl and Thanksgiving day games are very different matters, but the audiences for both include many families, which is part of the reason we witnessed such an uproar over Ms. Jackson’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’. Today in Detroit we saw beautiful women in modest, beautiful dresses and handsome men with a full complement of equally beautiful dancers pay tribute to Motown legends, and get a head start on music careers of their own. No big names, no ‘flashy’ wardrobes, simply uplifting music and a good message: ‘Detroit will come back better than before, and we will do it with a vibrant group of young men and women who will honor the past and embrace the future.’ The halftime show was a beautiful work of art, an inspiration to many men and women who hunger for hope amidst a city quite literally crumbling from lack of repair, and a great moment of redemption shared by millions via the FOX Television Network. That’s what I call some thanksgiving recreation. They took an old halftime show dog and taught it some new tricks, if you will. And I think I will on this fabulous thanksgiving day. I am thankful for the NFL, and their new approach to halftime shows.

On the family side of things, the troubles of life are spiraling. It’s not that God has not been good to us, it is simply that if left unchecked the worries of life can suck all of the joy out of our family time together around the dinner table. As the years have progressed our celebrations of thanksgiving with extended family have been fewer and further between. And to top it off, the two older women who had joined my father, mother, brother, and I this last year were not able to make it this year due to various circumstances. Somehow, with four places set, and a little bit of teamwork we had one of the most delightful dinnertime conversations I can ever remember having. New life has been imparted to the relationships between my mom, dad, brother, and I. And the food was awesome. I guess good cooks are continually learning how to do it better, but my mom knocked it out of the park today. Every single dish was spectacular. Full stomachs echoed the joy of full hearts, and here I am telling the joys of the day.

Well, I wish you all a happy thanksgiving, and I hope you can find a way to recreate with you family. You could go out and throw a football, and that would certainly bring new life to your muscles. But why not bring new life to your heart with a little inside recreation.