Re-Creating Punk Rock!

Today’s post features my good friend Doug Stanford, with whom I worked at our much beloved WHSV-TV3, the ABC news affiliate in Harrisonburg, VA. (The Friendly City!… that’s right.)

Doug has always had a love for good music, in fact he used to play in one of my favorite bands – Panoramic – with TJ Ill, Joel Mills, and Wes Webb. They were the dream team, and have all gone on to interesting careers in fields other than Music, as has Doug.  Yet the music never died… it never faded for these four. Doug owned and operated a recording studio for some years before landing at DIGICO as a producer/editor/awesome dude.  Wes still DJs, and has committed to DJ-ing my wedding whenever that lucky lady finds me 🙂  His spin/mash name is DJWesternfront.  If you will do me a favor, like his FB page (you just passed the link) and tell him he needs to get his custom URL and lose that silly number after his name 🙂

Hold on for the Re-Creation moment… it’s coming… and it’s huge!

Joel continues playing percussion, etc. between being papa to babies and leading a business in NoVA. And TJ is enjoying life w/his new bride in the greatest comeback state in America!

So… you’re wondering where the re-creation happens. Where is the magic?

This week we’re focusing on Doug and his podcast venture to highlight rockers who have enlightened punk rockers everywhere w/their stripped down, bluesy, folksy food for the soul which is equally raw to punk, yet refined to tug heart strings a bit more, and honor the musicians who have gone before them.  The blend of these considerations on the part of the artists breeds an unbelievably eclectic format which you can join in to every week here. And check out the music video for Gallows Bound‘s new song here.  Wonder why he’s headed for the Gallows? Doug?

Doug has carefully crafted an art form that is re-creating not only punk rock, but the music industry.  Let’s help him raise his brand and get the attention of the industry.  The only way we’ll change the current label system is by providing a viable (economically profitable) alternative.  And Doug has begun to do just that!  Now, he needs our support to keep on and get these artists more recognition as well as get AuxSend recognized for its ingenuity on a national level.  Is there a “Poddys” you could submit for, Doug?

As always friends, I love your comments, suggestions, rebuttals… LINKS TO PANORAMIC SONGS IF YOU HAVE ANY, and encouragement.  Cheers, Kyle


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