Captivating Music

Some months ago Kyle Vitasek, owner of Captivate Films had the pleasure of joining a team of young men that documented NeedToBreathe’s performance at one of our favorite music venues, the 9:30 club.

Here is a bit of the show shot on my iphone between “real camera” shots 🙂

That is some captivating music! And visuals! It was so much fun to be backstage and see up close and personal how much the music means to Bo and Bear. In fact, afterward I was scrounging for one of the famous 930 cupcakes and thought the guys were already out back doing meet and greet w/fans… so who did I ask for a cupcake? Bo, himself!

It was great to hear some of the heart behind songs like “washed in the water” which you saw above. Bo and the guys desire to write and perform music for everyone, that inspires, relates to, and brings meaning to life.

And they pull it off! Pick up some tickets to their next show anywhere near where you live. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Their songs are captivating, the light show is captivating, and the heart they bring to each performance is, well… captivating! Noticing a theme yet?

The best performers, business people, and friends tell captivating stories. It’s an art we have mostly lost in this age of conspicuous media consumption. How many people do you see in the metro, or at the bus stop, or even in a church glued to a multimedia mobile device? You and your friends (myself included) consume stories non-stop. But how many of them captivate us? If I had to guess, I’d say you are ho-hum about most of the stories you consume. Now, the olympics are an exception! But you get the point. We consume a bunch of junk each day. You know what I’m talking about. The songs that play on your ipod when you put it on shuffle and you’re embarrassed to have anyone know that you actually have that song in your collection. We all have ’em. That movie on our shelf that we really wish we hadn’t bought from Wal-Mart or come to own from Blockbuster because we never returned it 🙂 Or the bazillion Netflix and Redbox flicks we cut off 2/3 of the way through wishing we could get that 100 minutes of our life back. Are you convinced yet?

So we all consume stories at a rate that is unprecedented in the history of man. And we’re gluttons because of it. Yes, you heard it here first. You, my friend, are a story glutton. And it’s made you fat and lazy mentally… such that you have forgotten how to tell your own story. NeedToBreathe hasn’t forgotten. My grandmother in Norfolk hasn’t forgotten, Currituck, NC native that she is… accustomed to front porch sitting and visitin’ – which is a lost art these days. I have been a beneficiary of a grandmother and father who never fail to tell great stories. Sometimes I have little patience to hear the endings, but when I do I get some good ole-fashioned life wisdom!

So my challenge to you this week? Listen to NeedToBreathe for the stories they tell. Ask what they mean? Become a conscious consumer, and become a producer of culture. Start “visitin” and telling stories to your neighbors, and listening to their stories. Your life will be much richer, and you’ll find your friendships deepen, and your life wisdom meter will bust right through the roof. I guarantee it! You can take those promises to the bank. Try it. And report how it went.

As always, if you have a story you’d like told through video, be in touch. We’d love to help you tell your story and make it captivating!


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