About Captivate

Captivate Films opened its doors January 1st, 2011 under the leadership of Kyle Vitasek.

After years of producing content in a wide variety of mediums for a wide variety of markets and different channels, Kyle decided he wanted to bring the best of his experiences and professional relationships to bear for small to medium businesses with aggressive growth strategies. Out of that desire Captivate was born!

Along with our commercial and corporate work, Captivate is also pursuing great feature films to produce, so get in touch if you have a treatment or are interested in financing a captivating film.

Kenneth Burke said, “stories are equipment for living.” We believe in producing stories that captivate your audience, bringing the best life has to offer to more and more people. Along the way we will help you achieve your team’s goals with integrity and excellence.


Check out links to the current Captivate network of preferred vendors below.

Producer, DP, and all around techie/rad friend: http://ryanberry.net/
Surfer, beach boy, Kitty Hawk native and stellar DP: http://www.tightproductionfilms.com/
Entrepreneur, renaissance man, and solid director: http://avellinostudios.com/
Dancer, actor, and all around stud: http://www.alexwitherow.com/
Documentarian, broomballer, and DP: http://kaseykirby.com/Site/home.html


And in case you think I forgot the ladies…

Writer, Producer, and make anything happen woman: http://www.cortneymatz.com/
Actress, Writer, and freshly minted City of Angels resident: http://carriedaniel.com/
Painter, Illustrator, and sometimes Actress: http://www.jglasgow.com/

Voice Actress, Producer, and all around great to work with: http://www.marissaleinart.com/



And if you care to read, more on Kyle…

A storyteller who grew up hearing tales of what happened over yonder in the great outdoors of Currituck, North Carolina.

A beach boy from Norfolk Virginia who found his way over the mountains to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley and finally up to the governmental mecca of  Washington, DC.

Along the way I’ve heard a great many stories, told a few myself, and fallen in love with the art of sharing stories through film.

Goals: Produce a feature film by 35. Co-owner of film outfit by 40. Raise a great family. Build great friendships that bring a whole new meaning to the word recreation.

• Production, Direction, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Motion, Photoshop.
• Process Refinement, Project Lead, Microsoft Office Suite, Quickbase.
• Client Retainment, Sales Calls, Creative Pitching.
• Modeling/Acting.


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